Member Benefits

Please take the time to view our Membership brochure- It makes the case for why membership in TECNA will work for you!

Member Brochure - Learn More

  • TECNA membership provides regional technology associations with a significantly expanded network of industry knowledge, connections and expertise in public/government/media relations, through products and services including:
  • Access to 47+ Regional Tech Organizations representing 16,000+ Technology Enterprises
  • 1 Annual Conference (Free for member CEO to attend; discounts for member staff)
  • 1 Annual CEO Leadership Retreat (Free for member CEOs to attend, plus two nights lodging)
  • 1 Washington DC TechVoice Fly-in
  • An annual member survey providing informed benchmarking
  • Annual National Survey of Technology, Policy & Strategic Issues
  • Communities of Interest to facilitate networking and resource sharing on issues and opportunities impacting regional clusters and beyond.
  • Resources helping enabling organizations support tech enterprises
  • 1 Collective voice for regional economic growth of the North American technology industry

Membership ROI

Depending on your membership level, you can easily double or quadruple your investment! In 2013, on average...

TECNA invested $2,500+ in direct member resources and benefits per organization.

Members able and willing to take advantage of the full TechVoice Alliance Partnership received upwards of an additional $7,000 in value!

And these figures do not include other benefits and resources such as the:

  • TECNA member benchmarking survey
  • TECNA Digest Newsletter
  • Member staff registration discounts
  • Invaluable networking opportunities
  • And much more.